Armored River Boats in Uzbekistan

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Armored River Boats in Uzbekistan

Chuck Hill sent this link along.

I think I saw something like this before from Jim?  Reminds me of one of the CB-90 variants on our site? Nice weapons suite.  Shades of the ASPBs in Mobile Riverine Force!

Would like to pass this onto RivRon Four (the “heavy” ron) but as always NIH and not enough weapons would apply to new USN warboats~~

I did not know about the US funding.  I believe that is less than NECC got funded for CB-90/RCBs yet to enter full service.  

Photo: Uzbek armored boat Saikhun on patrol (from Polish magazine Okrety wojenne)

Development of Uzbek river force is supported by the U.S. which financed building of two Ukrainian-made Project 58150 Gurza armored boats for Uzbekistan under Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) Program. Project developer is governmental enterprise Nikolayev Research and Design Shipbuilding Center (chief designer is Sergei Krivko). The armored boats were built at Leninskaya Kuznitsa shipyard (Kiev); lead boat Zhaikhun (ship No. 01) was delivered to Termez in November 2005 by heavy cargo aircraft An-124-100 of Antonov Airlines. The second boat – Saikhun (ship No. 02) – was delivered in the same way. Designing and construction of two boats cost American taxpayers $5.6 mln. Remarkable fact is that Russia was nonparticipating party in this process
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