MARINE ALUTECH Watercat M12 & Patria 120mm mortar

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MARINE ALUTECH Watercat M12 & Patria 120mm mortar

Goto the below link for an article about the Watercat M12 

Here is some more information on the boats from Patria Watercat series.  Bob Stoner and I think these are very interesting boats and the 120 mm mortar has some distinct advantages.  One could only hope that NECC would buy such as good foreign design, but hey they bought the CB90 from the Swedes via SafeBoat.

The other part of this is that it is one more example of a good naval raider aka assault craft and not so high tech or expensive.  Think now many of these one could launch from a small mothership?  Want to bet it won't work with the LCS?


"Patria Nemo is the latest member in Patria's mortar system family. It is a 120 mm remote controlled mortar turret, providing both direct and indirect fire support. As a modern and compact system, Patria Nemo can easily be mounted onto various tracked and wheeled chassis. Due to its low weight of only 1500 kg, Patria Nemo is now also adaptable to lightweight, high-speed vessels and can be effectively used for harbour patrolling and protection, coastal guarding and infantry landing operations."

11.07.2007 Marine Alutech is cooperating with Patria in Patria Nemo concept study for the Finnish Navy
Patria has received an order from the Finnish Navy for a concept study concerning a combination of Patria Nemo mortar system and WATERCAT M12, developed by Marine Alutech Oy Ab.

The project targets a possible prototype testing and serial production after the concept study. This project aims to create a new, mobile fire support system with high firepower for the coastal jaeger battalions enhancing their performance in coastal protection. The concept is believed to raise also wide international interest as a new mortar system application.

Patria Nemo is a single barrel, unmanned turret system for indirect fire support, but due to its direct fire capability, it can also be used for self-defence.

Malaysian Government has ordered 10 pcs Watercat M14 landing craft for Royal Malaysian Police.
The boats are built by Geliga Slipway Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. The boats are to be supplied 2008-2009.

Patria Oyj launched the new NEMO 120mm light mortar in Eurosatory 2006 in Paris. Marine Alutech Oy Ab has been developing the naval version together with Patria for smaller combat boats, i.e. Watercat M12 or Watercat 1450 Patrol version.

Watercat M12 NEMO

Watercat M12

Watercat M12 on beach
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Re: MARINE ALUTECH Watercat M12 & Patria 120mm mortar

  Interesting concept indeed! I've chatted with Bob stoner on this boat before. Seems possibilities may exsist for this boat if some the boat can be modified a bit.

1. Get rid of the conventional pilot house or at least make it removable for riverine ops. Windows have two major issues...The glare that will surely give it away when a guard/listening post is employed and the second is, it blocks sound. you see with your ears more than eyes, especially at night.

2. Since I'm big on logistics, and thats just me, of course. Having one boat that is multi-missioned yet can provide decent fire support as well as having the ability to transport an assault team would be preferable to a boat that provides firesupport and another that inserts the team.

  It is the age-old issue that has plagued the Navy forever. Not only in thier choice of comabt craft but in ships as well. I would hope, that in the interest of mobility, that having battleships and mini amphibs is not in the future. Too many differnt kinds of boats multiplies issues double for each different craft. Choosing a platform that has good firepower, good troop capacity and good command and control is better than 3 enitrely different craft.
  I thing the answer to overwhelming firepower might be for the Navy to recognize the requirement for dedicated air power in the form of helicopter gunship support. It's pratically all weathe and, with SMART systems can and would provide a significant punch. Four Blackhawk gunships and 2 CH-47 for MEATS operations would increase both firepower and mobility. In addition, Command and control from the air would give the on-scene commander the best view of the battlespace.
  At first I agreed with Bob on the M12/Nemo or the CB90/ Sea Amos Combonation(s). I admit I was wowed by the coolness of both craft and systems but perhaps I was thinking more along the lines of the former USMC program who's Issues went beyong the tactics they chose. Let's hope that the ladies and gents of NECC can think way out of the box and make logistics and mobility thier priority. If they do, then capacity and firepower will be relatively small issues.
  In conclusion, I think the M12 coupld have an awesome futre in From the Sea, amphibious warfare. Problem is, there are an always will be limitations on that kind of warfare as I have seen first hand do not bode well in the deep, dark narrow places where brush hits both sides of the boat. As much as doctrine, past and present states that will not happen, we know that it has and will continue to do so in the bush. Smaller is better and sameness will provide itself with usable parts if the need arrives.