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Napier Deltic Engine - History

5-16-2007  Dan, your readers may be interested in the fact that I was at Napiers in Liverpool from 1956 as an apprentice and toolmaker in E shop. I also worked in engine strip for a while [ engines striped for service and repair ]  I saw a number of engines, mostly 9's that had 'hydrauliced i.e. sucked in water from a cracked inlet manifold, this had the effect of stuffing the rods up inside the pistons. We had to cut the rods off the c/shafts with a gas axe to send them for testing.
I could tell a few stories about engines that had failed in service.
Good to see some people still have an interest in a great engine.
Arthur Cartin.
E shop inspection, capstan setting, tool room, engine strip. Then left for 4 yrs and returned to work on the planermill machining Paxman engines.


05-16-07  Hi again Dan, I have seen engines run without oil, the failsafe cut-outs being bypassed. I almost drowned when removing the pump chest from an Navy engine that had been air freighted from Australia full of coolant. There where some Navy bods looking on who where up to the ankles of their shiny shoes in the green stuff. The rail engines where the worst to work on because there where still steam trains around then in the UK, the roof fans on the Deltics would suck in the smoke as they stood idleing the stations.
I think most failures where in the commercial engines as I think they where built down on quality to cut costs.
All the best.


05-17-07   Hi again Dan, I am trying to find and 'photo a piston crown that I made into an ashtry in my days at Napiers.
When pistons siezed up they where removed and sent to the tool room to have metal samples taken from them. The crown was parted off and swarf colected and sent to metalurgy. We in the tool room then souvenired the crown. The crowns from admiralty engines had 3 injector cut outs [ commercial only had 1 ] and these where kept for giving away to visting Navy Visitors. I used to engrave:- 'Presented to ***** by D.Napier & Son' Liverpool around the top edge and the Co. Logo in the concave bowl.
I would be interested to know if any one has the 50th. anniversary badge that we where given in '58? I had a Lion holding a Sabre standing on 3 Triangles.
All the best.
Arthur         arthur cartin []