New Dutch Navy Raiding Craft tested

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New Dutch Navy Raiding Craft tested

A Royal Netherlands Navy team tests the interceptor model of the new, high-speed Fast Raiding Interceptor and Special Forces Craft (FRISC). The small boats are deployable for a wide range of tasks, from counterdrugs operations to maritime counterterrorism operations.

“In the first week, we ran tests in cooperation with Maritime Special Forces Operators”, said First Lieutenant Harm Jonker, leader of the test team. “Where are the best firing positions? Where can we best position ourselves and how do we fix everything down against sea movement? Important questions for a vessel that skims over the sea's surface at 40 knots," continued Jonker.

Loose cord
More tests are scheduled for the coming weeks, when the Marines Intervention Unit will take part and a team will be on hand to measure the G-forces that occur when the vessel is at high speed. Attention will also be given to the clothing of crew members. Jonker: “At that speed, a loose cord flapping in your face can be painful.”
The team has 14 weeks to test the FRISC in Dutch waters before it becomes operational. The final points for improvement must have been cleared up by autumn of this year.

The FRISC is currently looked after by the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), which was responsible for its procurement. After handover of the 48 high-speed boats to the Royal Netherlands Navy, the FRISC will be used by the fleet and the Marine Corps.

Source:  Dutch MoD

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