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PTF model

Alan Sandoval
Hi Dan. I've almost finished (as finished as mostly scratch-built models ever get) the PTF model. It's a plank-on-frame kit that began life as a Dumas Models PT 109. I was very disappointed with the quality of the Dumas kit and ended up only using the basic framing provided in the kit for the hull. The kit did not, as promised, include planking for the hull, but instead thin sheets of pvc. This wasn't my idea of a successful finished boat. I purchased 200' of 1/16 x 3/16 basswood "planking" to build the boat as closely as possible to the original construction. Aside from metal parts such as cleats, vents and minor deck details everything above the deck is scratch built except the guns which were purchased from various sources online.

The hull is as close to a Nasty as I could make it given the constraints of the parts I used from the kit. There are some very subtle differences between the 109 hull and a Nasty hull, only those very familiar with a Nasty will be able to spot the changes. The layout of items on the deck may not exactly match various configurations of actual boats. Some of the changes were made by me simply for aesthetic reasons but I found in my research there were many variations from boat to boat and from different timeframes. The most obvious change is the location of the radio antennae to the side of the bridge. I tried the forward location on the bridge that is most common on the actual boats but it just didn't look good. I eventually found a photo of a boat with the antennae located  on the side and used that for justification. As you know the Vietnam sourced wooden model that you have has the antennae mounted on the side of the bridge.

I've put up photos and a good quality video of the boat on my PTF site:

I've found lots of modeling resources on the Internet and I will post links on my site to the best ones for anyone interested.

Alan Sandoval