how's it going as teams load up to compete with Golden State

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how's it going as teams load up to compete with Golden State

Minutes after his Cleveland Cavaliers lost the 2017 NBA Finals to a juggernaut Golden State Warriors squad, LeBron James was still playing hard-nosed defense.

When asked for his take, given his role in forming two famous superteams, James pushed back: "I don't believe I've played for a superteam. I don't believe in that. I college football jersey  don't believe we're a superteam here. So, no, I don't really, I don't. college basketball jerseys  "

LeBron was drawing a line, implying that his Miami and Cleveland championship teams had been built differently than the Warriors. "Their team was already kind of put together, " James said during the Finals. "For me, when i left [Cleveland] to go to Miami, we had to build something. We brought in eight or nine guys, and we had to build something, and when I came back here we had to build something again. "

That may be true, but you can see how James' definition is rather limited and perhaps self-serving. The fact is, with the 2007-08 Boston Celtics and LeBron's Heatles as examples, superteams are coming together in all kinds of ways, and in all shapes and sizes.

In the effort to dethrone NBA champion Golden State or to be the first team since 2010 to knock a LeBron superteam out of the Eastern Conference ncaa basketball jersey  playoffs, players are joining forces in new superstar combos that we barely could have cheap basketball jerseys  imagined a decade ago.

We are most definitely in the superteam era. So how's it going as teams load up to compete with Golden State and Cleveland?

To figure that out, I set up four tiers of teams on a superteam scale, looking at every team with at least two established current stars.

Who qualifies as a star? A player has to have been on an All-Star team or an All-NBA team in any of the previous three seasons. A superteam gets five points for first-team All-NBA, three points for second-team All-NBA and one point for All-NBA third team or an All-Star team. Players over 35 don't count, since we're talking about stars near their peak.